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So happy that you're here - and I have so much going on in store for my website and for those who visit. Soon to come, a gallery of pictures - our video blogs ie; Vlogging - my next novel W.I.P. (work in progress) and for sure my adventures as an up and coming author.

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Please know that you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and at my blog. So please bookmark my website and stay tuned, there is a lot more to come.

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Ryter Rong
A Bit of An Excerpt

Talisyn inhaled slowly and deeply, then exhaled much the same.  She placed the stick on the ground and began to draw.  Lines this way and lines that way until she was done.  Tears streamed down Faéla’s cheeks as she looked on in horror.  Talisyn began to cry as well.  The girls hugged and Father MacGreggor said, “I don’t understand.” They broke free from their embrace and wiped their tears.  Then Faéla spoke.

“A bridge in my midst,
I do see.
People are crying,
they long to be free.
The men poke and prod,
they stab and they slice.
People jump to their deaths
or they pay a heavy price.
Those who live
have horrors untold.
They die on the sea
or find themselves sold.”

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