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About Ryter Rong...

I am assuming if you are here, you are hoping to find out a little more about me.  I am simple and complex. I could live in a cardboard box under a bridge.  At the same time, that cardboard box would have to be in perfect lines with a nicely swept dirt floor.  It is much that way with people.  I love people and I want to help enlighten people, but I am also an empath.  I pick up and thrive on positive energy.  I also pick up and hide in the dark recesses of my mind from the negative energy that people emit.  Everything about me is contrast.  Simple and complex.  Tomboyish and ladylike.  Evening gowns and sweats.  Heels and bare feet.  
Image of author Ryter RongMy mind enters heavens and hells, dark alleys and cathedral steps, jealous murders and undying love.  Bigotry, racism and hate...realization, hope and forgiveness.  My mind ponders the why's and what if's.  A character whispers in my ear, "Write my story.  Don't let them forget."  And that is how each of my stories are born.
I sit at the computer writing all that these characters tell me and that is how my stories get told.  Then you, the precious reader, pick up my book and begin to read and that is how my stories come to life.  Thank you for giving my characters a home in your imagination.
Here’s a few more things about me...
Born:  I was born in a hospital full of nuns.  Rumor has it that I shot out into the world so fast the nun barely had time to catch me.  So it seems that I have been this way since the day I was born.  Always ready for a new adventure.
Grew up:  I grew up in and around Dallas, Texas.  Most of my friends were boys, which means that from time to time my southern ladylike demeanor changes into ‘one of the boys’.  I love when that happens.  It is so much more fun to be one of the boys.
Have lived:  I have lived from one end of the United States to the other.  Oklahoma for a year or so, Texas for thirty-six years, Delaware for five years and now I am in Los Angeles with the love of my life.  I do love our life.  We have known each other since we were fifteen years old.  He is a voice actor.  His job involves much but the traveling part is so fun when I get to go with him. I get to do book signings while he hosts panels and does his own signings.  
Best quote to me & why?:  I think this quote speaks for itself as to why it is one of my favorites.  “Never be afraid to try something new.  Remember, amateurs built the ark.  Professionals built the Titanic.”
What life has taught me?:  Life has taught me to mind my own business.  Doing this has saved me countless hours of stress.
Who Inspired me to write?:  No one inspired me to write.  I was born this way.  I have been creating stories since I was a toddler.  People called it lying but I like to think of it as being creative.
Why I have to write?:  I get depressed when I can’t write.  I suppose writing is my drug of choice.  It keeps me happy.
What genre will I write?:  I like to dabble in all sorts of genres.  This current book is an historical fiction that took me two years to write, mostly due to the massive amounts of research.
Get your copy @ Amazon UK -->>Here<<-- or in the US -->>Here<<-- Please leave a review thank you!  

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